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Planning rules governing developments within the curtilage of a house relate to the building’s size and position in relation to the property.

In some cases, structures can be erected without the need to apply for planning as they fall within the parameters of Permitted Development.

We always advise clients to check with their local planning office, especially if the property is listed, in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, in an Area of Scientific Interest or within a National Park.

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What do I need to Consider? 

The design of an oak frame building can vary hugely, resulting in a beautiful building that fits perfectly with your needs and location.

The main things to consider when first planning your building are:

  • Size
  • Timber used
  • Roof Style
  • Roof Materials
  • Trusses
  • Site location

How much will it cost? 

As all of our buildings are bespoke, costs vary for each project. The size and complexity of the design, along with materials chosen and the proposed site will all affect the cost of your frame.

We are happy to work through these considerations with you to produce a building that fits your budget.

Do you have any ready to go options?

Our bespoke range is exactly that, bespoke to each client, but our garden gazebos and pavilions can be bought from our pre-designed range as ‘off the shelf’ options. These can then be installed by the customer, or installation by our team can be arranged.

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How do I look after my oak frame? 

Oak is one of the lowest maintenance woods used in construction. It can be left untreated and the oak will weather to a beautiful silver colour in around a year.

If required, a lighter colour can be retained if the wood is treated or sealed before it is exposed to the elements.

Do I need to apply for building regulations?

If your proposed building has any of the following, you will require a Building Regulations application:

  • over 30 square metres of useable internal floor space
  • is close to a boundary
  • is attached to an existing building
  • has a first floor

Will the frame move and shrink, is this a problem?

We build in green oak because of the high moisture content, which makes the timbers easier to cut and shape to exact sizes. Over time the oak seasons (dries out) and shrinks, tightening the joints to improve the structural integrity of the frame and enhance the character of the oak. We allow for this shrinkage when constructing your frame.

What are the benefits of an Oak Frame? 

  1. The green oak we use is low impact, carbon-neutral, renewable and sustainable. It takes very little energy to convert the wood in trees to the timber used in building. Most timber supplying countries have long-standing policies to re-grow more timber than is felled.
  2. As oak frame structures can be constructed offsite, time on site is significantly reduced. Compared to building with bricks and mortar, external factors such as weather are less of a factor and there is also less building debris on your site.
  3. Timber and especially oak is a highly durable material. Well-made wooden structures can last for centuries and their character only improves with age.
  4. Timber framing has enjoyed a long tradition in the UK and adds immediate character to both traditional and contemporary projects.

Why should I choose Wyre Oak?

We are small business with family values at the heart. As much of our work is local to where we live, maintaining our excellent reputation is extremely important to us. We achieve this by building excellent relationships with our clients and ensuring we deliver you high quality oak workmanship at a fair price.

Can you complete the whole project?

Yes, we offer a complete service from groundworks through to roofing. Our customers have peace of mind that David and Andrew will manage their project from initial meeting, through to completion, resulting in a stress free process for them.

Alternatively, if you only require us to build your oak frame, we are more than happy to do this and can liaise with any other tradesmen you are working with.

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